Who are we?  Family, fun and flowers!

     Through the years as events merited celebrations such as birthdays, weddings, showers or memorials, flowers were always part of the moment. What started out as donating and volunteering creative floral gestures finally gave us the inspiration to start our own little business. Thus, The Joyful Rose was born.  The Joyful Rose specializes in weddings, parties and events.
      We have studied floral design under the renowned Michael Gaffney, of the American School of Flower Design, at the San Francisco Flower Mart. We also offer floral design classes for groups.

     Martha Joy Carlston is co-owner and a floral designer. She is a wife, mother, grandmother and retiree who finally realized following one's artistic passion was the way to infinite wisdom and happiness. 

     Cindy Rose Hayes is co-owner and a floral designer. When she isn't creating floral arrangements she spends her time as a travel trainer, teaching senior citizens and persons with disabilities to use public transportation. A former elementary school teacher, Cindy loves having the ability to continue expressing the creativity she used in the classroom.  
     Jack Westlie is a youthful retiree, devoted to finding his niche in the creative world.  He uses his talents in motorcycles, fabric art, stained glass, face painting, acting, fire throwing,  jewelry, floral design, film making as well as being a busy grandpa and father.  We are fortunate to have Jack as our delivery person, as there is always adventure ahead when Jack knocks at your door.

    . We take pride in our attention to detail, supporting local growers and always striving to meet the client's needs and desires. We welcome you to our website and hope that you will discover inspiration for your next celebration.

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